Friday, September 2, 2011

Going Home!

Yesterday went pretty smoothly, for a while.  Callie showed a little discomfort, but did well for the most part at 10:00 during her first formula feed through the new tube.  That was encouraging.  Then she did great at 2:00 during her second feed.  At that point I happily started packing.  A nurse came in to complete my G tube care training and a case worker stopped by to make sure I felt comfortable with everything.  Dr. Enav (GI) gave his blessing to release Callie and they started preparing her paperwork.  Then we sat in the room and waited.  

The nurse stopped by to apologize for the delay... apparently a few people were admitted and it was taking a while to process Callie's release.  Another hour passed and I noticed Callie starting to act clingy.  And then her cheeks looked flushed and she seemed warm.  I walked out to the nurse's station and asked them to take a look at her.  Sure enough, she had a fever!  She was up to 100.9.  I could not believe it.  So they called Dr. Enav and were trying to figure out what to do.  They monitored her for a little while and she went up to 101.3.  Finally they advised we needed to stay.  They gave her Tylenol, took a chest x-ray and then a blood draw.  By this time it was late last night and Callie was exhausted.  She fell asleep and thankfully slept through the night.  The hospital was actually quiet and they left her alone except for her 1:30 feed, so I was even able to get some decent sleep.

This morning Callie woke up fever free and in pretty good spirits.  The resident advised her chest x-ray looked good but her blood work came back elevated.  It could indicate an infection or it could be elevated from the stress of the procedure.  They were not really sure what to do about a random fever with no other clear symptoms.  Dr. Enav stopped by and said the site looked good.  It was oozing a little, but he said this is normal.  I am just supposed to keep it clean and dry, and make an appointment to have her checked by her pediatrician this weekend.  They decided to monitor her until the afternoon and said if the fever did not come back, if she continued to tolerate her feeds, and if there were no other symptoms, we could go home.  Thankfully everything is falling into place and we are just about on our way out! Hopefully I do not jinx us by posting this while we are waiting for our paperwork again, but I feel pretty sure we are going to make it out the door this time.

We did have a nice surprise yesterday.  I recently told you about Callie's wonderful night nurses.  Well, they stopped by to visit her!  They spoiled her with balloons and a teddy bear and gave her lots of attention.  She was very happy to see them and the visit definitely brightened our day.

Now we are happy to go home and get settled.  Thanks for thinking about us and following Callie's progress.  xx


Marla Feeney on September 2, 2011 at 4:55 PM said...

Lisa, I hope you and Callie are finally home and fever free. Her smile always makes me smile.. Hoping all goes well with her g tube. Take care!

faithc on September 2, 2011 at 11:20 PM said...

What a blessing to have such sweet nurses! Callie looks like she loves them, and I'm so glad you have some help. Hope you got to go home and that everything is going smoothly. <3

Jenn said...

Glad to hear the g tube is in place. Hope she is doing well!xxoo


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