Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back to School!

Callie started her second year of special ed preschool at our home elementary school.  I really like the fact that she and Owen are in the same location and their classrooms are right down the hall from each other.  This year Callie is in an afternoon class five days a week.  A big yellow school bus picks her up and drops her off right in front our our home.  She loves it!  Of course the ride is only about 1 minute long because the school is right down the street from our place.  :)  She has one new teacher and all of the kids are new to her, but she has had no problems adjusting.  The teachers are making a good effort to use her talker in class and she seems to be jumping right back into her school-provided therapies.  Also, one of Callie's new classmates has PMG!  This is the first time we have ever met another child with the same diagnosis! Their symptoms present differently, but it is still neat to make a connection in person with another PMG family.  Overall, I think Callie is going to have a great year!  

(Can you believe how grown up she looks in this picture?!?)


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