Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On a Mission

I have been on a mission for months to find a cup Callie can use independently.  She loves to drink water, but can not form her lips around a sippy cup or straw.  This is odd because she used to drink a bottle, but apparently this ability has been lost.  We have the best luck with trainer cups that have a rim instead of spout, but she can't seal her lips to the cup and sip/suck so I have to remove the valve.  When I do this, the water flows freely and we end up with a mess unless she is closely monitored.  There is usually one hole on the rim for the liquid, but she does not grasp this concept so inevitably the cup gets turned so that the hole is not by her mouth and when she tips it back the water runs down her cheek, neck, back, etc.  I recently discovered the Reflo cup that is nice because the water flows out no matter how you pick it up, but it also flows pretty freely and we still end up with a mess.  The same goes for the OXO Tot Training cup I purchased most recently (the water flows WAY too freely!).  So far I have bought 14 cups.  Eventually we will find one that works!!


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