Thursday, September 1, 2011

G Tube

Well, our little girl now has a G tube.  We checked into the hospital yesterday morning.  She was sedated while I held her in my arms.  It never gets easier... I teared up as she slipped away and then cried in the waiting room.  They performed an endoscopy to check the health of her esophagus and then placed a PEG tube.  The endoscopy results came back normal which was great news.  That means her EoE did not flare up as a result of her eating pureed apples and bananas over the last 8 weeks.  So we have two safe foods so far.  We have an appointment with the EoE team on September 12th and will be told how to proceed with her diet at that time.  

Callie was very uncomfortable from the PEG when she woke up in the recovery room.  She was crying inconsolably for over 30 minutes before they gave her morphine.  She then rested more comfortably in my arms, but was out of it for a while.  She did not want to be let go the entire afternoon and evening.  Luckily she was so exhausted by night that I was able to get her to lay in her crib.  Despite the child that screamed for hours in the room next to ours, frequent beeping of her IV, med, and feeding pumps, lots of nurse traffic, and a tube leak in the middle of the night, she slept pretty soundly.  I did not, but was not expecting differently.

Her first formula feeds through the PEG will be at 10:00 and then 2:00 today.  If Callie tolerates both of those feeds we may be released later this afternoon!  I am trying not go get my hopes up, but that would be so great.  Otherwise we will be here until tomorrow.  

Oh, I should also mention that Callie had a visitor yesterday shortly after we settled into our room.  Miss Virginia stopped by.  Callie was somewhat out of it at the time, but stared at her sparkly crown.  Afterward a Google search revealed this was not THE Miss Virginia 2011, but apparently still some sort of Miss Virginia.  It was still nice to have a visitor with a sparkly crown.  :-)


Joanna said...

sounds like a rough night!! I'm hoping you can go home tonight and get some sleep.


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