Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Milestone met on time... Guess which one?

Terrible 2's tantrums!  Really, Callie?!  This had to be the milestone you met on time??

Apparently Callie is globally delayed except for typical 2 year old tantrums.  I just have to laugh.  In the past week she has thrown a few pretty big ones.  It begins by telling her "no" to something or making her do something she decides she does not want to do, like be set down instead of carried around.  She starts crying and carrying on, as in sprawled out on the floor kicking her legs.  It is quite a sight!  This is a first for me since our angel first born son has never thrown an all out tantrum.  On Monday it happened in the middle of her PT session at the hospital.  For the first time I was one of those parents who could not talk any sense into their child while in public.  While I am not thrilled by this newest development there is a part of me that is okay with it.  I think this is a good sign of her social and cognitive development.  She is clearly forming her own opinion about things and wants a say in what she is doing.  This expression of her growing independence is truly a good sign!  So I will figure out how to deal with the very typical two year old tantrums...  As unpleasant as they are, I am glad to be dealing with an age appropriate issue.  :-)


lisa on February 25, 2012 at 11:21 PM said...

Hi Lisa,
I am new to your blog, just read it all the way through :) I am preschool special needs teacher and I see it all the time, you get your terrible twos on time and then what I consider often to be the more terrible threes! Your daughter is beautiful and you are doing a wonderful job with her, you can tell by that smiling face.


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