Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sleep Study

Last night Callie went to a local sleep center for a sleep study.  We checked in at 8:15 PM and about 45 minutes later they wired her up.  It was similar to our experience with EEGs, but less probes on her head and more on her little face.  Unfortunately it turned out to be a bad night for our appointment because just hours before going in she vomited and came down with a 102 degree fever.  I talked to the doctor and we decided to go through with the test.  Callie was restless until 1:30 AM, but then gave in and slept soundly until about 5:45 AM when they stopped the test, unhooked her, and sent us home.  She was back in her own crib sleeping soundly by 6:30 AM.  A special thank you to Callie's wonderful nurse Yolander who came with us and stayed with Callie while I slipped home and took a nap (since we live minutes from the sleep center)!

I am praying the test was successful and not something we have to repeat.  The results will be available this Friday.


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