Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Speech/Feeding Therapy!

As I mentioned before, speech/feeding therapy is my new focus for Callie in this new year.  After a bit of negotiating, I am happy to report our county has now agreed to provide Callie with one hour of speech therapy per week.  So she will now have a weekly session with a county therapist in our home as well as continue to attend her weekly private session at the hospital's therapy center. The new county therapist stopped by twice in the last week and made a good first impression. She seems very experienced and I liked her soft manner with Callie.  She also has a strong feeding background, so she will work on both types of therapies during our sessions.  I am optimistic that these additional sessions will really benefit Callie!  

Here are pics of our little girl having fun during her hospital speech therapy session today.  :-)



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